Best Beaches in Eastern Europe

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  • Ahtopol // Bulgaria

    ©Nenko Lazarov / CC BY

    For the perfect mix of natural beauty and millennia-old history, look no further than Ahtopol Beach. Found within the greater confines of Strandzha Nature Park, this is the largest protected area in Bulgaria and home to a wonderful array of flora and fauna. Eighty percent of the reserve is covered in forests, making the beach areas stand out that much more as a glittering sandy getaway.

    From a historical perspective, the area has changed many times, from the Ancient Greeks to the Byzantines to the Ottomans, USSR, and Bulgarian governments. The… read more »

  • Silistar // Bulgaria

    ©Marcin Szala / CC BY

    Straddling the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, Silistar is a perfect beach for anyone looking to soak up some sun as they go country hopping between these Black Sea neighbours. The little beach is located about 5 km south of the Sinemorets area and is a great hidden gem for those savvy enough to go looking for it.

    Once you arrive, you'll find lovely sun-kissed golden sand partly shaded by pine trees on the sloping cliffs behind. The area is a haven for wildlife and was declared a protected… read more »

  • Irakli Beach // Bulgaria

    Irakli Beach
    ©alex yosifov / CC BY

    Of all the distinctions between beaches in Bulgaria, whether it is a developed resort beach or a "wild" beach prubably has the biggest impact. Whilst the former are supposedly more appealing to famiies and revellers, the latter will attract more adventurous spirits. This is a generalization, of course, but one beach that stands out on the "wild" side of things is Irakli Beach.

    Located about 4 km from the nearby village of Banya and other idyllic Black Sea towns, Irakli Beach offers a great chance to see a part of the… read more »

  • Ada Bojana Beach // Montenegro

    Ada Bojana Beach

    Situated in the far south of Montenegro at the mouth of the River Bojana is the island beach of Ada Bojana. Legend says the island began life in the 14th century when a ship becam stranded here. Over the years the sandy sediment of the river gathered around the wreck eventuall creating the triangular island we see today. Sadly this is more than likely just a romantic tale and the island is probably just a natural occurrunce.

    However Ada Bojana came to be, the resulting beautiful 3 kilometer stretch of fine… read more »

  • Drobni Pijesak Beach // Montenegro

    Drobni Pijesak Beach
    ©anjči / CC BY

    Drobni Pijesak Beach is located just north of Petrovac between Sveti Stefan and Rezevici coves. It has a long pale-golden-sand beach about 250 meters long, and the clear blue water is clean and great for swimming. This beach is smaller and more secluded than its neighbours, although it is on the tourist radar in the high season. The name Drobni Pijesak means "Crushed Sand".

    You will find a small mooring platform to dive into the inviting Adriatic from, and a bar and restaurant on the beach. You can also… read more »

  • Borsh Beach // Albania

    Borsh Beach
    ©Joergsam / CC BY

    Situated on the southern end of Albania's Riviera coast is the impressively long stretch of Borsh beach. There are around 7 kilometres of fine white pebbles facing into the turquoise-blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

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  • Jalë Beach // Albania

    Jalë Beach

    Call it Jale, Jali or Jala - whichever you choose - this certainly was one of the finest little beaches along the Riviera coast. The water here is crystal clear with a vivid azure hue. In fact it is said that this is some of the clearset water on the coast owing to the bay's currents which makes it perfect for a spot of snorkelling or diving.

    Beyond the bars and restaurants of the village are olive groves followed by mountains which form a stunning backdrop. It is no surprise that… read more »

  • Nessebar South Beach // Bulgaria

    Nessebar South Beach
    ©Михал Орела

    Located close to both Burgas and the famed Sunny Beach area, Nessebar South Beach is a perfect blend of old and new.

    On the one hand, you have the ancient area characterized by a rocky peninsula that offers romantic awe-inspiring views and connecting to the mainland through a narrow isthmus. In the town, you'll find everything from cobblestone streets and squares to traditional homes. The area is also home to several churches dating back to the 11th through 14th centuries which rank among the best-preserved examples of Catholic architecture on… read more »

  • Sozopol // Bulgaria

    ©kuchin ster

    For an enticing blend of the old and the new, look no further than Sozopol. One of the oldest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera, there's a lot to see here historically speaking, from the Archaeological Museum to the Southern Fortress Wall to the Old Town area, where many of the homes are over a century old.

    Once you're ready to head down to the beach, you'll have the choice of the town's vibrant main beach or the more spacious Harmani beach. Both offer soft golden sand where you can… read more »

  • Lukova Beach // Albania

    Lukova Beach

    For an unparalleled view of the clear blue Ionian Sea and glittering sandy coastline, you find it hard to beat Lukova Beach. One of the most popular beaches on the Albanian Riviera, it offers incredible views of the Mediterranean along with one of the most hospitable beach hotspots in the country.

    The coastline near Lukova is home to a chain of tiny beach areas along with one big one, Shpella. This beach archipelago features everything from great shopping and nightclubs to peaceful views of the gentle waves, to the most scintillating… read more »

  • Qeparo Beach // Albania

    Qeparo Beach

    Situated on the magnificent Panormi Bay, Qeparo Beach is roughly 13 kilometres from Himara. It is backed onto by the small but relatively famous village of the same name, which is divided into old and new sections and hides a variety of surprises include a castle that once belonged to leader Ali Pasha.

    The most notably addition to Qeparo Beach, however, has to be the line of Cold War domed concrete bunkers ordered by dictator Enver Hoxha to prevent the anti-communist invasion he feared. Now many at Qeparo have been… read more »

  • Cvitačka // Croatia

    ©Mario Knezović

    Situated about 2km from Makarska town centre is Cvitačka beach. Cvitacka is everything you would expect from a Croatian beach; crystal clear, blue water and near white sand. Well, it isn't exactly sand, more a mix of sharp pebbles and shingle. Not exactly perfect for walking on, but looks idyllic and is the reason the water is so clear along this coast.

    The beach itself is quite idyllic with the local pine forest reaching right down to the "sand". It's also fairly recognisable with the man-made jetty in the middle of the… read more »

  • Llamani Beach // Albania

    Llamani Beach

    Looking for a an Albanian beach with something for everyone? Potami Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the Himarë area, offering a unique blend of Greek and Albanian culture beneath clear blue skies overlooking sun-kissed sand.

    The name Potami translates as "river" from Greek and the water that runs through here is crisp, cold, and refreshing, rising up from exclusive underwater springs that flow year-round. 

    Potami Beach is also centrally located near Llamani Beach and its majestic cliffside, which can be reached by land as well as kayaking or… read more »

  • Milocer // Montenegro

    ©Raymond Zoller

    So fine a location that the great and the good will pay up to €3,000 a night to be accommodated in the Villa Milocer that overlooks the beach, Milocer also goes by the name of King's Beach. The reason is that the villa and surrounding 18 hectares of manicured parkland were once the summer residence of none other than the assassinated King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

    The cypresses, cedars, olives, pines and rarer botanical specimens such as mimosa and cacti remain from his era in the early decades of the twentieth… read more »

  • Bečići // Montenegro

    ©Natalia Semenova

    Bečići Beach was recognised for its beauty as far back as 1935, when it won the Grand Prix in Paris as the most beautiful in all of Europe. More recently, it has been visited by such A-listers as the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, cementing the fantastically alliterative Becici Beach as a tremendous family resort close to Budva.

    Though the sand is littered with smaller grade pebbles, it does little to diminish this two-kilometre-long beach, which stretches to 100 metres wide in places. Its size means there's… read more »