Europe's Top 50+ Beaches

  • Atheras // Greece


    Atheras Beach (also known as Paralia Atheras and Porto Atheras Beach) is located at the base of a deep W-shaped inlet on the northwest coast of Kefalonia. It's a family-friendly beach known for its ideal swimming waters, which are rarely cold or rough thanks to the beach's protected position. Smaller boats sometimes moor here for the day but rarely interfere… read more »

  • Kotor beach // Montenegro

    Kotor beach
    Wheeler Cowperthwaite

    Kotor is said to be the most picturesque town in Montenegro. Set at the head of a deep fjord-like bay the old town is a jumble of red roofs and elegant towers. Behind are towering limestone hills whilst in front are the calm, green-blue waters of Kotor Bay.

    The area in front of the old town is occupied by the marina… read more »

  • S'Amarador // Spain

    Falco Ermert

    Set among the pine trees of the Mondrago National Park S'Amarador is arguably the most beautiful beach on Mallorca. A combination of fine white sand and shallow azure water this really is an unspoilt gem.

    S'Amarador beach lies within the shelter of a T-shaped bay not far from the southern tip of the island. The beach is about the same distance… read more »

  • Cala Sa Calobra // Spain

    Cala Sa Calobra

    Sa Calobra is well known among the cycling community as it lies at the foot of one of the most epic climbs in Europe. This should give you some idea of the backdrop to this little cove on Mallorca's north coast. Think vertical limestone rock faces as the landscape rises around 700 metres from sea level in just a… read more »

  • Cala Torta // Spain

    Cala Torta
    Falco Ermert

    The wild, west coast beach of Cala Torta has quite a different feel to most of Mallorca's coves and beaches. Situated amongst the rolling hills of the Llevant Peninsula this remote sandy bay has a very natural, pristine air to it.

    Cala Torta is around 200 metres wide and sits between low headlands with a backdrop of dunes. As you would… read more »

  • Cala Varques // Spain

    Cala Varques
    Olaf Tausch

    It is likely that the name of this beach, Cala Varques, is derived from Catalan word for cows, "vaques". Once upon a time they were the most common visitors to the beach, wandering down from the local farm to take in the scenery. Things have changed a little since those days.

    Despite the remote location and fairly convoluted access Cala Varques… read more »

  • Playa de Alcúdia // Spain

    Playa de Alcúdia
    © lunamarina

    Alcúdia's main beach lies at the northern end of a vast curving stretch of fine white sand. In fact this is the largest beach on Mallorca running for seven kilometres along the shores of Alcudia Bay.

    Being one of the major resort towns on the island you might expect Alcudia Beach to be blighted with the overdevelopment seen on some of… read more »

  • Cala Pi // Spain

    Cala Pi
    Graeme Churchard

    Nestled among the craggy cliffs and pine trees of Mallorca's south coast is the pretty little cove of Cala Pi. Like many of the beaches on this picturesque stretch of coast it sits at the head of a deep inlet providing safe shallow waters for beachgoers to enjoy.

    A number of beaches on Mallorca are situated in "torrents". These are the… read more »

  • Cala Llombards // Spain

    Cala Llombards
    King Otto

    Mallorca's southeast coast is characterised by rugged cliffs and a covering of pine trees. It is in just such a setting that we find the lovely beach of Cala Llombards. What sets the beach here apart though is the deep inlet it is set in. This effectively creates a narrow bay with sheltered, shallow waters extending along its length.

    Cala Llombards is… read more »