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The Best Caribbean Beaches...

  • 16. Foul Bay // Barbados

    Foul Bay
    © Richard Semik

    Despite its rather unappealing name, Foul Bay is in fact one of Barbados' loveliest beaches. Situated just around the corner from the equally lovely Crane Bay, the beach here is everything you would hope for and expect from one of the Caribbean's finest. An expanse of white powder sand meets the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean here. Surrounded by low cliffs and fringed with palm trees, there is a… read more »

  • 17. Half Moon Bay // Providenciales

    Half Moon Bay
    © jsnover

    Half Moon Bay is a narrow strip of pristine tropical beach that has formed between two uninhabited cays. Not so long ago these little Caribbean sand islands were separated by a channel, but this has since filled with beautiful beach.

    On the northern side of the sandy strip is a sheltered stretch of the Atlantic. The beach here is protected by a barrier reef not far from shore making the… read more »

  • 18. Darkwood Beach // Antigua

    Darkwood Beach
    Great for:
    • Swimming
    • Kitesurfing

    Darkwood Beach sits just to the south of Jolly Harbour and its resort village. Situated on Half Hyde Bay, it forms part of the sandbar carrying Valley Road and separating the waters of the Caribbean Sea from those of a large lagoon.

    Approximately 300 metres in length, the white sand at Darkwood Beach is widest at its southernmost end, tapering to a point halfway along the sandbar. Loose rocks speckle the… read more »

  • 19. Deep Bay Beach // Antigua

    Deep Bay Beach
    Andrew Moore
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Lining the western side of a thin spit of land leading towards the ruins of historic Fort Barrington and its surrounding national park, Deep Bay Beach sits on Antigua's west coast. Around 20 minutes by road from St John's cruise ship terminal, it's also common to arrive by catamaran and anchoring off this relatively narrow strip of curving white sand backed by native forest.

    Head into the turquoise blue shallows and… read more »

  • 20. Playa Bueycabón // Cuba

    Playa Bueycabón
    DnTrotaMundos ☮
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Playa Bueycabón lies approximately 20 kilometres from the centre of Santiago de Cuba along highway 20, on Cuba's southern Caribbean Sea coastline. Located in a deep bay with calm waters as a result, Playa Bueycabón rarely becomes crowded, ensuring a feeling of tranquillity.

    Those looking to absorb some vitamin D can make use of the sun loungers and thatched parasols which dot its smooth yellow sands, before joining the local vendors… read more »

  • 21. Playa Rancho Luna // Cuba

    Playa Rancho Luna
    © Jan Pešula
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming

    Close to Cienfuegos, Playa Rancho Luna is widely held to be one of Cuba’s most attractive beaches, with its popularity rocketing as a result. Here, soft fine sand meets the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, while lush indigenous vegetation lines its edges including several tall palms. Additional shade comes in the form of semi-permanent thatched umbrellas.

    Playa Rancho Luna has long been known in diving circles because of its bustling coral… read more »

  • 22. Maundays Bay // Anguilla

    Maundays Bay
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming

    Maundays Bay is located on the western tip of Anguilla and has a growing reputation as one of the foremost luxury stays on the island. Offering the perfect blend of laid-back solitude and Caribbean soul, the beach manages to charm almost everyone who visits. The light sands are perfect for soaking up the sun, while its turquoise waters are suitable for both swimming and snorkelling.

    As a base from which to… read more »

  • 23. Gouverneur Beach // St Barts

    Gouverneur Beach

    Gouverneur Beach comprises a broad expanse of near white sand located at the end of a deep bay known by the name of the Anse du Gouverneur. Situated close to the island's southernmost point, the beach is flanked by low, shapely hills of rock speckled with planting, and backed by an even denser expanse of green.

    With few manmade structures in sight, Gouverneur Beach has a timeless quality to it, and… read more »

  • 24. Pig Beach // Exuma

    Pig Beach
    © peterjamesanthony

    There's a very logical reason for Pig Beach's name. And that's the fact this beach on the otherwise uninhabited island of Major Cay is regularly frequented by wild pigs that enjoy nothing better than cooling off in the aquamarine waters.

    Approximately a mile (1.8 km) in length, Pig Beach is located on the cay's west coast. The fifty or so pigs that reside here can be reached in around two hours… read more »

  • 25. Orient Beach // St Martin

    Orient Beach
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
    • Kitesurfing

    Orient Bay Beach (Baie Orientale) is situated on the northeast coast of the Caribbean island of St Martin Island and is known for its powdery white sand and sparkling clear-blue waters. Stretching for around a mile and a half the beach is cooled by the trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean. A day at Orient Bay is an absolute must while on the island as it is widely regarded as… read more »

  • 26. Warwick Long Bay // Bermuda

    Warwick Long Bay
    © Steve Roche / 123RF

    Regarded as one of the best beaches on Bermuda Warwick Long Bay is stretch of pink sand which incorporates several smaller coves. The largest of these is around half a mile in length and features several rocky outcrops. Warwick Long Bay is a particular favourite of families as the waters here are sheltered by a coral reef less than 100 meters off the shore. Not only is this great for… read more »

  • 27. Seven Mile Beach // Jamaica

    Seven Mile Beach
    © Chee-Onn Leong / 123RF

    When you get to the holiday town of Negril, you have also reached the western-most point of tropical Jamaica. No need to worry though, because, apart from a staggering choice of accommodation options, Negril has some of the most stunning beaches anywhere on the planet, and Seven Mile Beach is right up there with the best. As its name suggests, Seven Mile offers plenty of space and you can keep… read more »

  • 28. Meads Bay // Anguilla

    Meads Bay
    © Steve Geer / iStock

    The British overseas territory of Anguilla in the eastern Caribbean forms part of the Leeward Island Group in the Lesser Antilles. This is to the east of Puerto Rico and north of St. Martin. Anguilla is the main island of the territory with its stunning tropical setting, measuring some 16-miles long by 3-miles wide.

    This incredible holiday destination makes the perfect playground for avid beach lovers in search of… read more »

  • 29. Grande Saline Beach // St Barts

    Grande Saline Beach

    Grande Saline beach on St Barts (or St Barths) is probably the best known on this Caribbean island for two reasons. Firstly this beach is stunning; set in a wide bay on St Bart's less developed south coast Grande Saline has everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach. There is fine, golden-white sand, the water is brilliant aquamarine and to top it off the beach has a secluded feel… read more »

  • 30. Dover Beach // Barbados

    Dover Beach
    Barry haynes
    Great for:
    • Swimming
    • Surfing

    Partly draped in the shade of coconut palms, Dover Beach lies in St Lawrence Gap, an area of the Barbados south coast teeming with excellent restaurants, a thriving nightlife, boutique shopping and great choice of accommodation options.

    Gently sloping into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the pale sands of Dover Beach run for several hundred meters, ending sharply with a sea wall on its western side and drifting all… read more »