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The Best Caribbean Beaches...

  • 46. Playa Santa Maria // Cuba

    Playa Santa Maria
    Alexander Berezhnoy

    Playa Santa Maria sits at the end of the road from Camaguey. Situated within an area rich in mangrove deltas, it has become a haven for Cuba's endemic birdlife.

    Beachgoers are generally impressed by what they find at Playa Santa Maria, which comprises light-coloured sand drifting down to stone-free shallows which sparkle in the sunlight. However, largely occupied by beachfront properties, some may find they get a feeling of being overlooked,… read more »

  • 47. Harrismith Beach // Barbados

    Harrismith Beach

    Running towards a rocky promontory, Harrismith Beach (or Harry Smith's Beach) is one of the quieter stretches of sand that can be found in south-eastern Barbados. It's sloping near-white sands are narrow compared to its near neighbours such as the better-known Bottom Bay. However, its position with a blend of coconut palms and local vegetation to one side and a reef to the other makes it hard to resist.

    The… read more »

  • 48. Welches Beach // Barbados

    Welches Beach

    Welches Beach is a long stretch of soft off-white sand running along the middle reaches of Oistin Bay in southwest Barbados. More than half a kilometre in length, the beach has undergone significant work in recent years to create a broad expanse of beachfront free of rocks both above and below the water line.

    A great place to swim as a result, the waves at Welches Beach are rarely troublesome, although… read more »

  • 49. Paynes Bay Beach // Barbados

    Paynes Bay Beach
    Barry haynes

    A short drive north of Bridgetown, and close to a flurry of high-end hotel stays, Paynes Bay Beach stretches for approximately 250 meters of rich golden sand. Edged by a mix of tropical planting, including shade-giving coconut palms, alongside refreshment and gear stalls, it is a beach known for its clear waters and lack of waves.

    Welcoming a steady stream of beachgoers but rarely getting overcrowded, Paynes Bay Beach is a… read more »

  • 50. Mullins Beach // Barbados

    Mullins Beach
    Brett Spangler

    Mullins Beach lies directly off the island's Highway 1B. Located in the northwest of Barbados, it forms the majority of the gently curving coastline of Mullins Bay.

    Sloping slightly into the bay's turquoise waters, much of Mullins Beach is backed by a wall of vegetation, separating from the main road and its well-sized car park. However, it's southern end meets a series of private villas and its far north is dominated… read more »

  • 51. St Lawrence Beach // Barbados

    St Lawrence Beach

    St Lawrence Beach is an arching ribbon of pale sand which greets the shallow clear waters of St Lawrence Bay (also known as Little Bay) on the southwest coast of Barbados. Amid urbanization reaching south from the heart of Bridgetown at the entrance to the ever-lively St Lawrence Gap, St Lawrence Beach may not be the most secluded of island beach escapes, but it still has plenty to offer those… read more »

  • 52. Maxwell Beach // Barbados

    Maxwell Beach

    A charming if relatively small area of sand, Maxwell Beach lies at the western end of Oistin Bay. Approximately 200 metres in total length, its pale coral sand faces roughly south. Immediately east of the popular area of St Lawrence Gap, Maxwell Beach has rich blue waters and plenty of options for enjoying them.

    Swimming is safe on all but the roughest of winter days, with lifeguards providing additional reassurance.… read more »

  • 53. Dickenson Bay // Antigua

    Dickenson Bay
    Paul Kowalow

    Northwest Antigua's Dickenson Bay combines the white sands of its beach with a mile-long coral reef offshore to create the perfect Caribbean escape. No wonder there are so many hotels and resorts flanking it, alongside concessions for renting out water sports gear, arranging tours on glass-bottomed boats, and hiring out sun loungers and umbrellas.

    Being perhaps the most developed beach anywhere on the island means that it sees a constant flow… read more »

  • 54. Jolly Beach // Antigua

    Jolly Beach
    Tim Sandell

    Dominated by the resort of the same name, Jolly Beach is made up of a mile of stunning white sand lining crystal clear shallows, making it the perfect spot for a swim. On Antigua's west coast, the beach is large enough to absorb all its visitors without ever feeling anything but spacious.

    When it comes to amenities, few beaches in the area are as well served as Jolly Beach. Not only… read more »

  • 55. Pigeon Point Beach // Antigua

    Pigeon Point Beach
    Ian D. Keating

    Approximately five minutes by road from English Harbour, Pigeon Point Beach has calm shallow waters that make it ideal for splashing about with the kids. Snorkelling is another option, although the sandy bottom means you shouldn't expect huge numbers of fish.

    The sands of Pigeon Point Beach are fine and golden. At low tide, the beach has attractive dimensions, which are diminished slightly with the high tide. The surrounding foliage provides… read more »

  • 56. Jabberwock Beach // Antigua

    Jabberwock Beach

    Just a quick drive from V C Bird International Airport, the northwest coast's Jabberwock Beach sits with Judge's Bay to its seaward side and a lagoon occupying much of its landward side. Almost disappearing with the highest tides, leaving just enough space to lie down without the Caribbean sun being blocked by native foliage, Jabberwock Beach has a length of around a mile.

    Its pale sand acts as a hub for… read more »

  • 57. Playa Larga // Cuba

    Playa Larga
    © Kaldari

    Since Playa Larga is the name of a small resort-free community at the end of the Bay of Pigs as well as its main beach, the sands are sometimes also known as Playa de Playa Larga. Beyond the slightly unusual nomenclature, Playa Larga provides visitors with plenty of space, being nearly a mile in length.

    Its position deep within the bay ensures it remains sheltered, with calm waves most of the… read more »

  • 58. Playa Guardalavaca // Cuba

    Playa Guardalavaca
    J J Merelo

    Sitting on the western edge of the resort town of Guardalavaca, Playa Guardalavaca is located on the island's northern coast approximately 30 miles from the city of Holguin. It is a busy beach predominantly used by those staying in the town's range of accommodation options.

    First-time visitors will discover a good number of sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, with the soft white sand running in an uninterrupted band for around… read more »

  • 59. Playa de Siboney // Cuba

    Playa de Siboney
    Christian Pirkl

    A mix of sand and stones, Playa de Siboney is known for its relaxed laid-back atmosphere. Located to the east of Santiago de Cuba on the island's southern coastline, it sits in a small inlet in the coast close to the Museo Granjita de Siboney.

    Arching around its Caribbean waters for around 100 yards, it is bookended by sea walls, although some strong waves do still come ashore. Most of the… read more »

  • 60. Playa Juraguá // Cuba

    Playa Juraguá
    Christian Pirkl

    Sitting deep within the D of a small bay to the east of Santiago de Cuba, Playa Juraguá may not be the island's broadest stretch of sand, but it is nonetheless a fantastic place to escape to when the Caribbean Sea beckons. Here a coastline peppered with small rocks evolves into a largely stone-free run of clean sand which continues for around 500 yards.

    A grassy area also provides the ideal… read more »