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The Best Caribbean Beaches...

  • 31. Dover Beach // Barbados

    Dover Beach
    Barry haynes
    Great for:
    • Swimming
    • Surfing

    Partly draped in the shade of coconut palms, Dover Beach lies in St Lawrence Gap, an area of the Barbados south coast teeming with excellent restaurants, a thriving nightlife, boutique shopping and great choice of accommodation options.

    Gently sloping into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the pale sands of Dover Beach run for several hundred meters, ending sharply with a sea wall on its western side and drifting all… read more »

  • 32. Paynes Bay Beach // Barbados

    Paynes Bay Beach
    Barry haynes
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming

    A short drive north of Bridgetown, and close to a flurry of high-end hotel stays, Paynes Bay Beach stretches for approximately 250 meters of rich golden sand. Edged by a mix of tropical planting, including shade-giving coconut palms, alongside refreshment and gear stalls, it is a beach known for its clear waters and lack of waves.

    Welcoming a steady stream of beachgoers but rarely getting overcrowded, Paynes Bay Beach is a… read more »

  • 33. Worthing Beach // Barbados

    Worthing Beach
    allen watkin
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Follow the coast road south out of Bridgetown towards St Lawrence and you'll soon reach the delights of Worthing Beach. Curving ever so slightly around a shallow bay, the beach looks south towards the broad expanse of the region's seas, while closer to shore providing shallows ideal for cooling off and exploring the coast.

    Formed from white sands slipping into rock-free waters, Worthing Beach is protected by a coral reef teeming… read more »

  • 34. Brownes Beach // Barbados

    Brownes Beach
    © jsieso
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Nestled amid the buildings forming the southern suburbs of the Barbadian capital, Bridgetown, Browne's Beach faces out into Carlisle Bay. Flowing north uninterrupted into Pebbles Beach, Browne's Beach is partly backed by Besedka Park, and is in close proximity to a variety of resort hotels. It's also near to a range of bars, restaurants and other useful amenities such as ATMs.

    Made up of soft white sand watched over by lifeguards,… read more »

  • 35. Pebbles Beach // Barbados

    Pebbles Beach
    Barry haynes
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Located close to many of Bridgetown's top resort hotels and within the capital's UNESCO World Heritage Site historic city and garrison, Pebbles Beach sits on the southwest coast of Barbados. Despite its name, Pebbles comprises flat white sands that drift effortlessly into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It's a popular beach destination with families due to its spacious sands and calm waters.

    Forming a part of Carlisle Bay, Pebbles… read more »

  • 36. Governor's Beach // Grand Turk

    Governor's Beach
    Jonathan Palombo

    Widely regarded as the best beach on Grand Turk, Governor's Beach is a truly beautiful stretch of sand. It is everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach with a wide strip of powder white sand, crystal-clear aquamarine waters and a backdrop of casuarina and palm trees.

    Set within the Columbus Landfall National Park the beach forms part of a protected pristine coastline. Off shore is a barrier reef which makes… read more »

  • 37. Valley Church Beach // Antigua

    Valley Church Beach
    Roberto Faccenda

    One of the most immediately alluring of Antigua's west coast beaches, Valley Church Beach stretches out along the pale blue waters of Lignum Vitae Bay. Its powdery white sands slope gently into the warm waters, while being backed by tropical foliage ringing with the sound of bird song.

    Somewhere to relax and soak up the sun rather than snorkel or undertake water sports, Valley Church Beach is served by a single… read more »

  • 38. Fort James Beach // Antigua

    Fort James Beach
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming

    A short distance west of St John's Fort James Beach boasts a run of one kilometre of soft white sand. Situated on a relatively straight part of the Antiguan west coast, it faces directly out into the Caribbean Sea.

    Locals often gather for a game of beach volleyball or cricket, while many foreign visitors arrive directly from the cruise ships mooring a St John's cruise terminal. A broad expanse of gently… read more »

  • 39. Galleon Beach // Antigua

    Galleon Beach
    © Elleithyia
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Arching around Freeman's Bay on Antigua's folding southern coast, Galleon Beach is relatively well protected from rough seas by the Pillars of Hercules rock formation and the peninsula of land that stretches out between English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard National Park. It is named after the ships that used to moor here – evident by the huge rusting anchor that lies in the shallows in the middle of the beach.

    Accessible… read more »

  • 40. Curtain Bluff // Antigua

    Curtain Bluff
    © Richard Todd
    Great for:
    • Swimming

    Easily accessed from Old Road, the south coast's Curtain Bluff is watched over by the private terraces and balconies of a refined five star stay. Approximately 14 miles from V C Bird International Airport, tall palms dominate the scene, with the occasional small boat the only sound you'll hear beside the crashing of the waves – its alternative name isn't Surf Beach for nothing.

    read more »
  • 41. Playa Ancón // Cuba

    Playa Ancón
    Martin Cígler
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Just 20 minutes from the town of Trinidad by a ride in one of Cuba's stylish vintage taxis, Playa Ancón forms an idyllic ribbon of white sand running alongside the light blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

    Tall palms provide natural shade from the sun, while other forms of native vegetation provide a home for the iguanas which can often be seen basking on sand which extends uninterrupted for four kilometres.

    Rarely… read more »

  • 42. Playa Santa Lucia // Cuba

    Playa Santa Lucia
    carlos adan
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Kitesurfing

    Playa Santa Lucia tops out at an impressive 20 kilometres long, making it one of the largest beaches anywhere on Cuba. Approximately 100 kilometres from the country's third-biggest city, Camaguey, its sands line the country's northern coast.

    Although large, Playa Santa Lucia remains mostly undeveloped, allowing beachgoers to enjoy the natural beauty of the island at its best. This ranges from thick native vegetation to habitat for flamingos and a coral… read more »

  • 43. Playa Coco // Cuba

    Playa Coco
    © Rickybolgia
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
    • Kitesurfing

    Roughly one kilometre from El Baga Natural Park, Playa Coco is located on the north coast of Cayo Coco, a small island off Cuba. Connected via a causeway crossing the Bahia de Perros waterway, the beach is formed from a narrow strip of powdery white sand lining a wide bay.

    Meeting crystal clear shallows unobstructed by submerged rocks, Playa Coco is suitable for sunbathing and swimming. An offshore coral reef allows… read more »

  • 44. Playa Maguana // Cuba

    Playa Maguana
    Christopher L.
    Great for:
    • Snorkeling

    Approximately 20 kilometres north of Baracoa in the far east of Cuba, Playa Maguana has golden sands which run for about a kilometre. It is edged by a thick carpet of tropical planting studded with only occasional buildings. Equally well protected from its coastal side, an offshore coral reef prevents oceanic waves sweeping Playa Maguana while providing a habitat for colourful fish which can be seen when snorkelling.

    Enjoyed by local… read more »

  • 45. Enterprise Bay // Barbados

    Enterprise Bay
    © Richard Semik / 123RF

    Enterprise Bay, or Miami Beach as it is often called, is a modest strip of white sand on the south coast of the island. Located on the edge of the fishing village of Oistins the beach here is frequently referred to as the best family beach on Barbados. One reason for this accolade is the safe bathing, with calm waters and the rather conspicuous lifeguard tower watching over the more »