Best Beaches in Europe

Europe has a wonderfully diverse range of beaches many of which are quite breathtakingly beautiful. There are white sand beaches fit to rival those of the Caribbean along with rugged coastline with improbable rock formations sculpted by the elements.

Best beaches in Europe

  • Plage de Kloukoury beach

    Plage de Kloukoury // France

    This secluded little beach is backed by the extensive sand dunes of Sainte Marguerite in Landéda. It sits towards the end of the Penn Enez headland and is almost always quiet. Despite the lack of crowds this is a beautiful sandy crescent of sand backed by the gently sloping grassy dunes. There are views out over the numerous rocky... read more »

  • Veleka beach Sinemorets Marcin Szala / CC BY

    Sinemorets // Bulgaria

  • Ksamil Beach - Albania

    Ksamil Beach // Albania

    You will often hear the beaches of Albania's Riviera coast compared to the Ionian islands of Greece, and for obvious reasons. Ksamil is located just across the border from Greece and within a stone's throw of the beach-lovers paradise of Corfu.

  • Potami beach - Samos - Greece Samos@Wikipedia Project / CC BY

    Potami // Greece

    Potami beach lies on the verdant and hilly northwestern coast of the Aegean island of Samos. It is a long pebble beach with a distinctive rock formation mid-beach. The water here is a particularly clear blue which contrasts beautifully with the forested hillside behind.Potami is a place of beauty and is largely unspoilt. A small beach bar... read more »

  • Plage d'Herlin - Belle Ile Patrice78500 / CC BY

    Plage d'Herlin // France

    The sandy cove of Plage d'Herlin lies on the south coast of the island of Belle Île. It was formed by the confluence of three river valleys and is now a beautiful beach protected from the wind by low cliffs to all sides.Plage d'Herlin is a popular family beach and does get reasonably busy during the summer holidays. There is... read more »

  • Lostmarc’h menhir Louboutinj / CC BY

    Lostmarc'h // France

    This sandy, Atlantic facing beach sits on the Crozon Peninsula barely a kilometer away from the Plage de L’ile Vierge on the opposite coast, yet the beaches could hardly be more different. You won't find any shelter from the ocean swells here and there are no trees to the back of the beach, just windswept dunes and heather strewn... read more »

  • Plage de l'Écluse chisloup / CC BY

    Plage de l'Écluse - Dinard // France

    The seaside resort of Dinard still retains much of its belle-époque charm leading to it being referred to as the "pearl of the Emerald Coast" by some. Dotted with literally hundreds of elegant turn-of-the-century villas and a number of grand hotels the town makes a fantastic backdrop to some wonderful sandy beaches.Of Dinard... read more »

  • Plage de Pen Hat

    Plage de Pen Hat // France

    The beach of Pen Hat is one of the most exposed on the Crozon Peninsula. Facing directly into the full force of the Atlantic Ocean the rolling waves can be very impressive. Whilst this is often great news for the surfers it adds to the beaches already dangerous reputation for swimming. In fact bathing here is prohibited due to the presence... read more »

  • Plage Baluden Frédérique Voisin-Demery / CC BY

    Plage Baluden // France

    The Plage Baluden is located on the south coast of Belle-Île-en-Mer in the same bay as the bigger Plage d'Herlin. The beach here is somewhat smaller than its neighbour but arguably even prettier. Fine golden sand and clear blue water with gently sloping gassy dunes to the rear.Sheltered by rocky outcrops to either side this little cove is... read more »

  • Plage du Mole and Bon Secours - St Malo

    Plage du Môle - St Malo // France

    Plage du Mole is the southernmost of St Malo's beaches. The name comes from the french word for breakwater (not the small furry animal) and the beach sits in the shelter of the Mole des Noires jetty which protects the entrance to the main harbour behind. There are good views across the bay towards Dinard less than 1 km away.This small sandy... read more »