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Gwenver Surf Report Sunday 25th September 2022


Probably the most exposed beach in Cornwall. Located right at the west of the country and out of the shadow of Land's End Gwenver picks up any swell going. As a result it is often maxxed out and the banks are very fickle. Heavy waves and plenty of locals

There is a point at Gwenver (Ayre Point) that is referred to as 'The Point', however it isn't a real point break. In fact there is more likely to be a left peeling into the point than a right off it.

Current surf conditions for Gwenver (2022-09-25)
Wave height * 2ft / 0.6m
Swell period 11s
Swell direction  °
Wind  ° 15mph / 24km/h
Weather Cloudy 10°C / 50°F
Sea temp 17°C / 62°F
* Wave size is face height of set waves.

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