Croatia Best Nudist Beaches

The Best Croatian naturist beaches...

  • Šunj (Lopud Island) // Dubrovnik

    Šunj (Lopud Island)

    Located on the island of Lopud, one of the Elaphite Islands close to Dubrovnik, Šunj Beach offers an enticing tranquillity amid rich blue waters, Mediterranean forest, and appealing sands with a shallow draft into the sea. Famously, visitors to Šunj can have to walk up to 100 metres to reach a depth where it is possible to swim, making the beach a tip-top destination for… read more »

  • Nugal beach // Dalmatia

    Nugal beach

    If you're looking for a beautiful place to bask in the sun, bronze your skin, and bare all, it's hard to beat Nugal Beach. Croatia's best known nudist beach, Nugal Beach is a place where all things natural are celebrated.

    The beach here is a small stretch of soft white sand bookmarked by sheer rocky cliffs. Far and away Nugal Beach's most notable feature is the… read more »

  • Cvitačka // Dalmatia

    Mario Knezović

    Situated about 2km from Makarska town centre is Cvitačka beach. Cvitacka is everything you would expect from a Croatian beach; crystal clear, blue water and near white sand. Well, it isn't exactly sand, more a mix of sharp pebbles and shingle. Not exactly perfect for walking on, but looks idyllic and is the reason the water is so clear along this coast.

    The beach itself is quite… read more »