Best Beaches in Europe

Europe has a wonderfully diverse range of beaches many of which are quite breathtakingly beautiful. There are white sand beaches fit to rival those of the Caribbean along with rugged coastline with improbable rock formations sculpted by the elements.

Best beaches in Europe

  • Guincho beach near Lisbon, Portugal

    Guincho Beach // Portugal

    Guincho beach, near Cascais, is not what many people imagine when thinking of the archetypal Portuguese beach. Despite being within an hour of the capital, Lisbon, Guincho has a wild desolate feel. Well, except for the summer months when it doesn't!

    This wide stretch of fine, golden sand sits in the shadow of the forested hills of Sintra, one... read more »

  • Kathisma beach, Lefkada Alf van Beem

    Kathisma Beach // Greece

    On an island sometimes referred to as the Caribbean of Greece a beach needs to be pretty special to stand out. Kathisma, with its long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters is such a beach. Set on the "wilder" western coast of Lefkada the beach here is backed by rugged mountainous terrain and features some interesting rock formations to one... read more »

  • Myrtos beach, Greece Panagiotis Karapanagiotis / 123RF

    Myrtos Beach // Greece

    Set on the north-west of the island of Kefalonia is the spectacular Myrtos Beach. The landscape here is one of lush, verdant hills rising steeply from the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. The mile long Myrtos beach sits in a natural amphitheatre at the foot of two mountains with a steep, winding road leading down to it. Often cited as the best... read more »

  • Calanque d'En Vau, France <a href="">Michmuch06</a> / <a href="">CC BY</a>

    Calanque d’En-vau // France

    Set on the 10 mile stretch of coastline between Marseille and Cassis in southeast France are various stunning beaches, inlets and hidden coves. The calanques are fjord-like inlets carved into the white limestone by ancient rivers that have long since disappeared underground. Of all these deep inlets none is more beautiful than Calanque d'En-vau... read more »

  • Navigio beach shipwreck, Zakynthos

    Navagio Beach // Greece

    The island of Zakynthos is home to one of Greece's finest and most easily recognisable beaches. It is not just the beach of Navagio itself that is unique but the fact that it is home to a shipwreck. The ship in question was the Panagiotis and it is believed that it was a smugglers ship that ran aground in stormy weather whilst trying to elude the... read more »

  • Rabbit beach, Lampedusa Island, Italy

    Rabbit Beach // Italy

    Located on the little island of Lampedusa, 176 km (109 miles) south west of Sicily, Rabbit beach is named after its original inhabitants. Lampedusa is actually closer to the coast of North Africa than it is any other part of Italy and the weather certainly reflects this; rain is rare and summer temperatures can reach 40°C, that's well over 100°F... read more »

  • Falassarna beach, Crete Milan Baloun / 123RF

    Falassarna Beach // Greece

    The island of Crete is famed for its great beaches, particularly in the north west. Falassarna beach is among the very best of these with its fine white sand and crystal-clear, azure waters. Set in a long sweeping bay backed by agricultural land Falasarna rarely feels crowded owing to its size. Visitors are well catered for with several bars and... read more »

  • Lalaria beach, Skiathos, Greece Balint Roxana / 123RF

    Lalaria beach // Greece

    The beach of Lalaria is situated on the remote north coast of Skiathos. It is named after the round, white pebbles that make up the beach and give the waters here their aquamarine hue. There is little shelter from the sun here to which the sheer, sun-bleached limestone cliffs are testimony.

    What makes Lalaria one of the most photographed... read more »

  • Woolacombe beach, North Devon

    Woolacombe Beach // UK

    Woolacombe beach in North Devon was recently voted the best beach in the UK by TripAdvisor users. Whilst I can think of at least twenty beaches I prefer to Woolacombe, there is no denying it is a good beach, especially for families.

    The beach at Woolacombe is a vast stretch of flat golden sand backed by a warren of sand dunes.At the northern... read more »

  • Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece Prayuth Chiarakul / 123RF

    Paradise Beach // Greece

    The person who named Paradise beach was probably inspired by the soft golden sand and warm crystalline waters. Straw umbrellas and loungers adorn the waterside and there are plenty of beach-side cafes and bars. Possibly not the best family beach in the area but the nightlife is very lively.