Bulgaria Best Nudist Beaches

The Best Bulgarian naturist beaches...

  • Sinemorets

    © Marcin Szala / CC BY

    Set close to the Turkish border Veleka Beach is one of two beaches in Sinemorets, and by far the nicest. In fact it is one of the most striking and iconic beaches in Bulgaria consisting of a narrow strip of soft white sand which juts out across the mouth of the Veleka River as it empties into the Black Sea. This creates… read more »

  • Irakli Beach

    Irakli Beach
    © alex yosifov / CC BY

    Of all the distinctions between beaches in Bulgaria, whether it is a developed resort beach or a "wild" beach prubably has the biggest impact. Whilst the former are supposedly more appealing to famiies and revellers, the latter will attract more adventurous spirits. This is a generalization, of course, but one beach that stands out on the "wild" side of things is Irakli Beach.

    Located about 4… read more »

  • Nessebar South Beach

    Nessebar South Beach
    Михал Орела

    Located close to both Burgas and the famed Sunny Beach area, Nessebar South Beach is a perfect blend of old and new.

    On the one hand, you have the ancient area characterized by a rocky peninsula that offers romantic awe-inspiring views and connecting to the mainland through a narrow isthmus. In the town, you'll find everything from cobblestone streets and squares to traditional homes. The… read more »